Kaltern, a place of faceted beauty

Kaltern is a coveted year-round holiday destination, and for good reason. This quaint, lively village buzzes with its restaurants, wineries and assorted events, reflecting the very nature of its inhabitants – laid-back people with a love of nature, beauty and all good things in life.

Kaltern and its lake

The Kalterersee lake is not only the largest, but also the warmest lake in South Tyrol. With its pleasant microclimate and lakeside bars and restaurants, it is a beloved destination for windsurfers, swimmers and sunbathers, as well as gourmets. The lake is easily reached from Villa Weingarten.

The South Tyrolean Wine Road

Kaltern is situated on the South Tyrolean Wine Road – a themed route that is home to 84% of South Tyrolean wines. If you are a wine lover or connoisseur, we recommend exploring it. The best way of doing it is by bike, an environmentally friendly option that also gives you the chance to fully take in the local scenery. The numerous wineries and wine estates in the area are also worth a visit, with their convivial atmosphere and quality products!

The village

With its annual Wine Festival, culinary highlights, theatre plays, the Wine Museum, and the Pop Festival – which over the years has become a staple in the village’s cultural offer – Kaltern attracts scores of visitors from near and far.

Naturally, wine plays a major role in the cultural landscape of our winegrowing village. The best way to explore it is by taking part in one of the many wine-themed events that feature regularly on Kaltern’s calendar, which also offers a variety of sports and music events, as well as cultural and culinary highlights.

A vibrant atmosphere

A rich event calendar ensures good vibes all year round, and the local wineries offer plenty of opportunities for tastings and convivial get-togethers. If you would like to explore the natural landscape, the nearby Mendel funicular takes you to one of the most scenic mountain areas in South Tyrol.